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July 20-21, 2024

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The COVID-19 pandemic threatened to diminish the Mountain View Buddhist Temple’s ability to stay connected with the community and its Sangha. Fortunately, some very innovative and talented Sangha members found ways to maintain and improve our connections that we wish to continue. Join the Mountain View Buddhist Temple as it endeavors to maintain connections with the community and Sangha by donating to the Sangha Connect Fundraiser. Your contributions will allow the temple to maintain the bonds it has nurtured over the years, while moving forward post-pandemic.

The Sangha Connect Donation Drive received over $15,000.00 in cash and goods donations as a result of your Dana. To date, all funds have been allocated to necessary safety upgrades and modifications so we can gather and be together again. Because of your selfless generosity we were able to host our first in-person Sunday Service, and plans are in place to hold our first Sangha Day Picnic on Temple grounds in years. We can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are. Thank you!
Thanks so much to everyone who donated to the Sangha Connect Fundraiser.  In total, we received nearly $15,000.00 in monetary and wish list donations!  It is through your selfless generosity we were able to purchase air purifiers, touchless restroom fixtures, electrostatic sprayers for disinfection, and a camera for livestreaming.  We were also able to modify our existing Hondo furnace with UV filters to help eliminate viruses.  We enhanced our ability to stay connected by upgrading our management of video and networking devices.  We cannot thank everyone enough for keeping the Sangha connected.
We would like to thank everyone for their incredibly generous donations to the Sangha Connect Fundraiser.  To date, we have received monetary and wish list donations in excess of $14,930.00!  When we started this campaign we had no idea how far we would be able to take it, but we are so humbled by the Sangha’s expressions of generosity and gratitude.  We cannot thank you all enough.


The Sangha Connect Fundraiser is now at $13,300.00!  Thanks again everybody for your generosity.  As we move forward to a full reopening, we are in the final phases of prepping the Hondo so we can host services.  After that, we will focus on the Sangha Hall gym where Maintenance has informed us we need a new water heater.  We know we have asked a great deal of you these past few months, but there continues to be a need for repairs and upgrades due to the protracted COVID Temple shutdown.  Please help us keep the Sangha Connect Fundraiser going so we can maintain the connections that have nurtured and sustained us.


Thank you so very much to the Sangha for continuing to donate to the Sangha Connect Fundraiser. As of the beginning of May, monetary and Wish List donations total nearly $13,000.00! With everyone’s overwhelming generosity we’ve received hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, an additional air purifier filter, and one more automatic hand sanitizing station. Your donations have allowed us, in a limited fashion, to reopen Sangha Hall, YBA Hall, and, very soon, the Hondo. So again, thank you very much to all of you who have so selflessly given to the Mountain View Buddhist Temple.


Again, thank you to everyone who has donated to the Sangha Connect Fundraiser. To date we have received nearly $12,300.00 in monetary and safety equipment donations. We would also like to share that we’ve agreed to fund the recent integration of Salesforce software as part of the ongoing infrastructure upgrades to keep the Sangha connected now and into the future.


The Sangha’s generosity and support never ceases to amaze.  Our donation total is nearly $12,000.00!  THANK YOU!  As we get closer to reopening, continued purchases of air purifiers and a camera to live stream Sunday Service are among a host of safety and communication investments already made, and this is just the beginning.  So, please help us continue this donation drive so we remain connected now and into the future.


We were so surprised and grateful to see that we have received enough donations to surpass our initial donation goal of $10,000 this past week! THANK YOU. These donations will allow us to quickly take action to ensure that we can come back together as a Sangha safely in the coming months; we have already begun to take steps such as installing touchless restroom fixtures, UV light filters, and air purifiers at the Temple. Please keep those donations coming in!  With your continued support, we look forward to meaningfully investing in the adaptations necessary for our Sangha and community to stay connected beyond the pandemic.


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Medify Air MA-112 V2.0 Air Purifier with HEPA filter

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Hy Natural Disinfectant 4 x 1 gallon

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Ryobi ONE+ Lithium 18V (2Ah) battery

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