Keiro-kai is an annual gathering to honor, celebrate, and show our gratitude to our elders at MVBT.

Time to Celebrate!

This Sunday is time to recognize the KIZUNA we share with our MVBT Keiro!

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  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Please submit a picture to our colorful Picture Gallery. You can still be entered to win one of our prizes, including a $100 gift card for Nijiya.

Instructions for Bento Pick-up and submitting photos are highlighted below. And be sure to keep scrolling to read a message from Sensei and visit our Photo Gallery.

If you are unable to be with the Keiro in your life this Sunday, call, email, video chat, or send them a handwritten note.  No matter what you choose to do, we thank you for joining us in recognizing our Keiro and KIZUNA,  “the bonds or ties which express the connection between heart and mind and trusting relationships.”

Appreciating connections to our Keiro and our Sangha, 
Zone 10 Keiro Kai Committee
Sterling Makishima, Sharon Tsukahara, Linda Uyechi & Julie Satake Ryu

Bento Pick-up

Our Keiro-kai celebration of Kizuna is almost here! Bento pick-up is this Sunday, November 21, noon – 2 p.m.  If you pre-ordered bento, click the Bento Pick-Up button for instructions on picking up your bento box. Please note that bento orders are closed. This is for pre-orders only. 

Keiro-kai 'Kizuna' Pictures!

In the spirit of Kizuna, we invite all of our Keiro (and their loved ones) to share photos of MVBT Keiro with family and friends, traveling anywhere and everywhere, and celebrating at Temple Events. Share whatever makes our Keiro happy — and maybe we can make you happy too! Share as many pictures as you want. Each photo entry will qualify for a chance to win prizes, including a $100 Nijiya Gift Card.

                                                              View the KIZUNA Photo Gallery below.

 The theme of Keiro-kai 2021 was KIZUNA. This Japanese word KIZUNA literally means the bonds or ties which express the connection between heart and mind and trusting relationships.

     When Japan suffered the unprecedented earthquake and tsunami ten years ago in 2011, the Japanese people later chose the word KIZUNA to sum up that fateful year for them. They were able to overcome this terrible national tragedy by supporting each other with the spirit of KIZUNA.

     During 2021, we here in the U.S. have also had the difficult challenge of dealing with an unprecedented pandemic. Our temple leaders made the best of the situation and provided many creative and innovative ways to share the Dharma without having our members and friends come to the temple.

Facing challenge we were still able to observe the temple’s important annual events like Keiro-kai virtually, and we even provided ways for our Sangha to socialize from the safety of our homes. So although we were forced to face such unusual and adverse circumstances, we also deepened the bonds with our family and our Dharma friends to help us overcome these difficulties. This is all due to our community’s spirit of KIZUNA, which is full of wisdom and compassion.

     As we rejoice in the strong bonds with our Sangha and Amida Buddha, I sincerely hope all of you experienced Keiro-kai 2021 with the deepest feelings of gratitude.

In gassho, Rev. Yushi Mukojima

KIZUNA Photo Gallery

Our MVBT Keiro-kai members reflect their Kizuna by sharing their photos. This reflects their bonds to families and Sangha friends. Their interconnectedness has been ever been so present these past few years.

With Gratitude & Appreciation

Namo Amida Butsu

Click below to see our gallery of pictures. Click on a photo to see a bigger version!

Thank you for your support of our Keiro-kai 2021 celebration of KIZUNA! Your continued support of MVBT is gratefully appreciated.