The Great Hanamido Challenge

While we can’t be together for Hanamatsuri in the Hondo, we will virtually celebrate on April 11th the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha who was born in Lumbini Garden on April 8th, 565 BCE.

During this special service, the incense burner (koro) is replaced by a beautiful Hanamido (flower pavilion) that represents Lumbini Garden. In the center of the Hanamido is a statue of the baby Siddhartha which means “every wish fulfilled.” Sweet tea is poured over the statue just like the sweet rain that fell on Siddhartha. As a reminder, here are two photos of the Hanamido from past years at our Temple

What is the Great Hanamido Challenge?

Use materials you have at home to create your miniature version of the Hanamido!

Make your own version, or check out our downloadable directions!  The talented Kristi Matsumoto created instructions on how to make a  DIY Homemade Play-Dough baby Buddha.


Once you have completed your mini Hanamido, upload a picture at the link below by April 4th. We will feature your creative versions during the program.

Questions? Send an email to Carol Harbin at