Keiro-kai is an annual gathering to honor, celebrate, and show our gratitude to our elders at MVBT.


We at the Mountain View Buddhist Temple, are deeply grateful for all that our Keiro have done and continue to do for our Sangha. As this is the second year in a row that we have been unable to gather together for our traditional Keiro-kai Luncheon due to the pandemic, we are acutely aware of all the ties and connections that our Keiro have with the temple, their families, their friends and the community. We can truly appreciate the theme of KIZUNA as we consider everything the Keiro and Temple Community has done to maintain and strengthen our connections.

In the spirit of Kizuna, we invited all our Keiro to order a complimentary Bento as a gesture of our appreciation. We offered Bento delivery to Keiro who were unable to pick it up themselves. And each Keiro bento order included a gift bag of scratchers, snacks and fresh persimmon. In addition, Sangha members could purchase additional Bento to enjoy with their Keiro and other family/friends. We were fortunate to have Rev. Mukojima greet drivers and passengers during Bento pickup time. As a special treat, Jun Daiko performed throughout our pickup time for the enjoyment of our Sangha. We encouraged all Keiro and their loved ones to submit photos so that while we were still unable to gather, we could enjoy seeing our friends. Dharma School students reached out to our Keiro with greeting cards and notes, and shared photos of their creations that we added to our Photo Gallery.

As added incentive to build our collection, each photo entry qualified for prizes in two categories: Keiro and Dharma School Students. Congratulations to all prize winners!
     Keiro Fay Matsumoto, Esther Bunya, Frances Sawamura, Irv & Marilyn Ozawa, Misao Tanouye
     Dharma School Students  Mason I., Jett N., Gavin C., Connor S., & Yumi P.

We could not have had the Keiro-kai Bento Distribution without our many volunteers. We are grateful for their time and support for our event. Thank you to Daniel Ryu, Elizabeth Sauber, Alex Tsukahara, Evan Tsukahara, Bob Matsumoto, Courtney Makishima, Lois Okino, Joanne Makishima, Doug Sawamura, Barry Tao, Eric Arikaki, Ed Ryu, Ray Yuen, Rev. Mukojima, Peter Matsumoto, Gail Satake-Nakamura, Alyson Olivera, Kaila, Kainoa, Kelly M., Kelly T. and Keiko T.

And thanks to our troupe of Jun Daiko performers: Susan Yuen, Loreen Ellsbury,  Elise Fujimoto, Linda Uyechi, and Rome Hamner.

We encourage you to scroll down and enjoy our Keiro-kai 2021 Photo Gallery. Thanks to ALL who contributed!

Appreciating connections to our Keiro and our Sangha, 
Zone 10 Keiro Kai Committee
Sterling Makishima, Sharon Tsukahara, Linda Uyechi & Julie Satake Ryu

Keiro-kai 'Kizuna' Pictures!

Our MVBT Keiro-kai members reflect their Kizuna by sharing their photos. This reflects their bonds to families and Sangha friends. Their interconnectedness has been ever been so present these past few years.

With Gratitude & Appreciation

Namo Amida Butsu

Click below to see our gallery of pictures. Click on a photo to see a bigger version!

 The theme of Keiro-kai 2021 was KIZUNA. This Japanese word KIZUNA literally means the bonds or ties which express the connection between heart and mind and trusting relationships.

     When Japan suffered the unprecedented earthquake and tsunami ten years ago in 2011, the Japanese people later chose the word KIZUNA to sum up that fateful year for them. They were able to overcome this terrible national tragedy by supporting each other with the spirit of KIZUNA.

     During 2021, we here in the U.S. have also had the difficult challenge of dealing with an unprecedented pandemic. Our temple leaders made the best of the situation and provided many creative and innovative ways to share the Dharma without having our members and friends come to the temple.

Facing challenge we were still able to observe the temple’s important annual events like Keiro-kai virtually, and we even provided ways for our Sangha to socialize from the safety of our homes. So although we were forced to face such unusual and adverse circumstances, we also deepened the bonds with our family and our Dharma friends to help us overcome these difficulties. This is all due to our community’s spirit of KIZUNA, which is full of wisdom and compassion.

     As we rejoice in the strong bonds with our Sangha and Amida Buddha, I sincerely hope all of you experienced Keiro-kai 2021 with the deepest feelings of gratitude.

In gassho, Rev. Yushi Mukojima

Thank you for your support of our Keiro-kai 2021 celebration of KIZUNA! Your continued support of MVBT is gratefully appreciated.