Sunday December 11th

Join Us in Making Mochi

Mochitsuki literally means “pounding mochi”. At MVBT it’s much more than that. It’s the gathering of the Sangha in December to pound over 2000 pounds of sweet glutinous rice into mochi. We pound it in early December in anticipation of the New Year.

We pound by hand and we pound by machine. We form komochi and okasane by hand, and then package and distribute the mochi to families and friends in anticipation of the New Year. Over the years, it’s not only the making of mochi that is important, it is a favorite Sangha activity where we come together to work, laugh, and enjoy our community.

Items for Sale

  • Komochi is $6/pound
  • Okasane is $4/half pound 
Order deadline: MONDAY NOVEMBER 28th
Mochi Orders can be picked up between 11am and 3pm on Sunday December 11th

QUESTIONS?:  For the most updated information about this year’s Mochitsuki, please check the latest edition of Putra’s Post or the Echo. If you have any additional questions, please send an email to

Shift Signups

To ensure we have enough help throughout the day, we are setting up several shifts and signups.