Here are the responses for:
What is your favorite activity in quarantine?

Taking zoom exercise and dance classes online with Richard.
Zoom meetings with family and friends.
– E.F.

Watching TV.
– A.H.

watching opera, chorus via Zoom, gardening, reading books
– anonymous

– Judy Nakano

walking and gardening
– K.S.

Look up the internet to delve into the Japanese history and culture.
– E.T.

– A.S.

Zoom classes and golfing and donating things that we don’t use.
– anonymous

Emails to and from friends
– anonymous

Brisk walking
– T.M.

Watching Korean Soap/Youtube.
– R.S.

– H.H.

flute lesson, choir lesson, Kendo & Iaido practice, daily playing Sudoku
– anonymous

Watching TV, walking, talking with friends on the phone.
– A.I.

Participating in online exercises.
– Toshiko Uyehara

Watching TV
– anonymous

Sports & news on TV.
– M.I.

– Richard & Emi Mori

Baking and gardening
– anonymous

Watching TV and reading
– R.M.

Watch TV and nap
– anonymous

– anonymous

Playing with my grandchildren. Since they live with us able to give them hugs everyday.  Most of our friends see grandkids from a distance.
– anonymous

Thank you, I am fine
– T.S.

Watching TV, mostly sports
– M.T.

Watching a lot of TV without feeling guilty about wasting my time.
– Joanne Makishima

– anonymous

watching TV
– Russ Nakano

Working outside in the garden
– F.S.

– A.I.

Daily Zoom exercise and dance classes + line dancing 2 days a week.
– Richard Fujikawa

Puzzles, watching TV, radio, talking on the phone.
– K.N.

Watching TV
– anonymous

Updating & organize all my fishing equipment.
– S.M.

Enjoying meals and snacks.
– anonymous

Wonder Word Puzzles from newspaper
– Misao Tanouye

Watching sports events on TV and reading.
– C.U.