Here are the responses for:
Do you have a favorite takeout food? From where?

Chinese from Tao Tao
– Misao Tanouye

– anonymous

We hardly by pick up order foods. During SIP, I wanted hamburger & fry so that kids picked it up from Jake’s (support local) on Father’s Day and my birthday. On Mother’s Day I had pizza from Whole Foods.
– anonymous

Pizza, with everything, from the Legends.
Chinese food from the Newport in Cupertino.
– E.F.

Chinese food, local cafe in Cupertino
– anonymous

– T.M.

Crab Louis from The Fish Market
– Judy Nakano

Chinese food from Panda Express
– F.S

Benihana’s filet mignon and shrimp dinner. I get tired of eating “healthy food” all the time!
– Richard Fujikawa

Japanese, Chinese and Italian
– K.S.

L&L-BBQ Santa Clara or Vegas
– A.S.

Casa Lupe.
– anonymous

Hot dog from Costco
– T.M.

Round Table Pizza
– Russ Nakano

Mexican food, Los Portales
– H.H.

Do not buy take out food to often – no favorites.
– A.I.

No, children buying my food.
– K.N.

Big Mac McDonalds
– R.S.

Chinese food.
– anonymous

Hamburger & fries – Five Guys
– S.M.

No, none
– Toshiko Uyehara

– anonymous

Japanese Food – Sushi Maru, J-Town San Jose
– anonymous

– anonymous

Chicken salad and mabo tofu from Lucky’s Chinese Bistro
– anonymous

Italian food – actually anything as long as I don’t have to cook.
– anonymous

Japanese food from L&L or J&J
– M.T.

Anything, as long as I don’t have to cook!!
– Joanne Makishima

– A.H.

Mexican/ Casa Lupe #2.
– M.I.

– Richard & Emi Mori