Here are the responses for:
What activity do you miss the most since you've been in quarantine?

going out to restaurants
– Russ Nakano

Socializing at Dharma School
– F.S.

Meeting friends and spending time with family.
– Richard Fujikawa

exercise class
– K.S.

Having monthly lunch with friends.
– C.U.

Family get-together
– anonymous

– A.S.

Temple – Senior activity and services
– H.H.

Dining out.
– Richard & Emi Mori

Going out freely.
– anonymous

Seeing the grandchildren regularly and meeting with friends.
– A.I.

Seniors on Thursdays and exercise at 24hr Fitness
– Toshiko Uyehara

Family gatherings
– anonymous

– T.M.

Visiting family
– anonymous

Interacting with friends at church
– R.M.

Golfing and meeting the guys on the 19th hole
– anonymous

Going to different places.
– A.I.

Temple activities
– anonymous

Playing cards with friends.
– A.H.

Interacting and socializing face to face with friends.
– anonymous

Getting together with friends and going to lunches and dinners with them ….breakfast too!
– M.T.

Seeing the family, all together, instead of in “shifts”.  And hugging everyone, friends included.
– Joanne Makishima

Spending more time with grandchildren
– Misao Tanouye

Not able to get together with family and friends.  Missed the church gatherings.
– anonymous

Fishing with friends..
– S.M.

Monthly, weekly get-togethers with friends.
– anonymous

Casual getting together with family and friends!
Holiday get together!
Going out for a nice breakfast, lunch and dinner!
All the special parties with family and friends.
– E.F.

Seeing my friends and going out to eat.
– K.N.

chorus, going to an exercise class, going to concerts
– anonymous

Weekly Sunday service at MVBT.
– E.T.

Getting together with friends.
– R.S.

in person choir lesson, kendo practice
– anonymous

– T.M.

– Judy Nakano

Seeing friends and relatives.
– M.I.

Doing whatever you want to do.
– anonymous