Here are the responses for:
What is your favorite television/cable show you watch regularly?

News & Jeopardy
– T.M.

Anything since isolated
– H.H.

NHK Program on “Rakugo” Japanese style “standup comedies”
– anonymous

The Voice.
– M.I.

NHK Japan
– Toshiko Uyehara

Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune
– anonymous

NHK specials
– Richard & Emi Mori

Japanese program (in English)
– anonymous

Blue Bloods reruns..
– S.M.

NHK and Hallmark
– A.I.

“This is Us”
– anonymous

– R.M.

View, CNN, Gold Rush, Amazing Race, Jimmy Kimmel and Nightline
– anonymous

– anonymous

“Jeopardy” on ABC, “Bill Maher Show” HBO, News on MSNBC & CNN.
– C.U.

– anonymous

60 Minutes and Dateline
– M.T.

Rachel Maddow.  She helps sort out all the craziness of 2020.
– Joanne Makishima

Korean Soap on Netflix
– R.S.

– Misao Tanouye

Evening Japanese: 
“Aibou” two police detectives
Asaichi: informs different subjects like food, flowers, virus, exercises, tsunami, etc.
– anonymous

– Russ Nakano

TV Japan and PBS stations.
So glad we finally subscribed to Direct TV!
– E.F.

NHK Specials, Case Closed, Science Zero, Today’s Health
– anonymous

TV Japan, “Yell”, Today’s Health, Kazoku ni Kanpai…..
– anonymous

Animal Planet, HGTV
– Judy Nakano

The View, Family Feud, CNN.
– F.S.

News, sports, Jeopardy
– K.N.

– Richard Fujikawa

Nothing in particular
– anonymous

TV Japan
– T.M.

baseball, football, basketball, Japanese program and game shows
– K.S.

News & Jeopardy
– A.S.

None in particular
– A.H.

NHK World.
– anonymous