Here are the responses for:
What is a favorite saying your parent/grandparents used (during good/bad times)?

Motainai and Gaman
– anonymous

Follow the middle path and stay out of trouble
Mind your manners~always be polite
– R.M.

“Get up! It’s time for school”
– anonymous

“It can’t be helped”
– anonymous

No words just a big smile/ Dad short on words.
– R.S.

– anonymous

– A.H.

It is too bad – but make the best of it.
– K.N.

Always work hard.
– C.U.

Bad times “aho”
– anonymous

Shikataganai “it can’t be helped”.
– M.T.

– S.M.

Good times – “okagesama de” (someone helped by a higher power)
Bad times – “shika ta ganai” (can’t help it)
– Misao Tanouye

Gyogiiga waruii (Bad manners) If I don’t hold chopsticks or sit right or any bad manners.
– anonymous

“Karma”: what’s done today will come back.
– anonymous

Monku yuttemo shikataganai. (No use complaining about things you can’t control).
– E.F.

keep smiling
– anonymous

“There is no such thing as can’t!”
– Judy Nakano

“Okagesama-de” and “Shikatage-nai”
– F.S.

Chanto shinasai!  Mind your manners??
– Richard Fujikawa

Good for you
– A.S.

“Job well done”
– T.M.

Sho ga nai
– H.H.

don’t know
– A.I.

– Toshiko Uyehara

– anonymous