Here are the responses for:
What is your shelter in place comfort food?

“Funyu” (fermented soy bean) with rice.
– anonymous

Candies and junk foods.
– M.T.

1. Chili Beans
2. Peanut Butter
– anonymous

Potato chips!
– Joanne Makishima

– anonymous

– Misao Tanouye

We hardly ate oatmeal before.  But discovered yummy oatmeal to cook.  Enjoyed every morning.
– anonymous

Frozen shrimp tempura and coconut shrimp – I zap them in Air Fryer for a quick, delicious, crispy dinner served with lots of fresh mini tomatoes and green beans from our garden!
RICE – plain, seasoned, fried, etc. in all forms!
– E.F.

Japanese food
– anonymous

Ice cream, fruits.
– K.N.

Chinese take out
– anonymous

– T.M.

– R.S.

ice cream
– Judy Nakano

Full breakfast I make myself – I’m the only one who eats breakfast!
– Richard Fujikawa

any Japanese food
– A.S.

– anonymous

Lays Classic Chips
– S.M.

Japanese food/mostly ramen
– T.M.

Coke Zero
– Russ Nakano

Root beer floats
– F.S.

– A.I.

– Toshiko Uyehara

– anonymous

Whatever is available
– A.H.

– anonymous

Japanese style pakai (sweet & sour pork ribs)
– R.M.

Nigiri, fried spam
– anonymous

Tempura, Italian pasta dishes.
– E.T.

Wine and cheese
– anonymous