Here are the responses for:
What has been a positive discovery since shelter in place?

Miss seeing my friends.
– A.H.

Becoming more aware and grateful of everyday conveniences and activities.
– anonymous

Improved garden.
– Richard & Emi Mori

That I am more fortunate than many.
– K.N.

Gardening in backyard
– R.S.

Nothing good.
– anonymous

Spent time cleaning my garage
– A.S.

Learning something new every day – via computer.  “Add knowledge” – ask a new question every day – Good for the mind.
– T.M.

Less smog, pollution
– Toshiko Uyehara

Finding time to organize and down-size
– anonymous

Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+
– Russ Nakano

No need to go grocery shopping.
– F.S.

Enjoying all the simple things in life – do not take them for granted.
– anonymous

Need to clean up garage!
– anonymous

Giving attention to areas around the house that have been neglected.
– anonymous

The learning of several new technical skills.
– S.M.

Time to go through old family pictures of my parents and siblings.  Appreciate life and family then and now.
– anonymous

That I don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of money every time I go grocery shopping. Since I haven’t stepped in a grocery store for almost 8 months, I give a list of what I need to my daughter and surprisingly, I have eliminated many of the “extras” that I used to fill my shopping cart with whenever I used to do my own shopping!  Needless to say, I have saved a whole lot of $$$!
– M.T.

While cleaning out so many areas in the house, I’ve discovered how much “stuff” (I’d use a different word, but it’s not appropriate here!) I’ve hung on to over the years; but as I get older, it’s easier to purge.  I keep asking myself, “Who’s going to want all this after I’m gone?!”
– Joanne Makishima

It’s quiet and relaxing
– Misao Tanouye

1. There are many young or old inventors who make our life comfortable.
2. Human can’t live alone and need each other.
– anonymous

TV exercises
– anonymous

MVBT has a superb team of young leaders with tremendous energy, talent and resources! We are very impressed and grateful, and so proud of them!
The online services and programs are especially great because we can enjoy them from the safety and comfort of our home.
Technology can help us so much and we should all make an effort to learn and use it! We’re not too old to learn new tricks!
– E.F.

chance to talk with wife
– anonymous

saving money due to less shopping
– Judy Nakano

I’m doing a lot of things I never would have tried before because now they’re possible with zoom on line.  I’d never go to a real zumba class and it’s so hard to be going to a class everyday.  It’s easier doing it at home.  Same with many temple and BCA activities.
– Richard Fujikawa