Here are the responses for:
Who was your favorite music group when you were in high school?

King Cole Trio
– A.H.

My three high school years were in camp –  no favorite group or songs.
– C.U.

– A.I.

The Crew Cuts
– R.M.

Four Freshmen, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald
– anonymous

– M.I.

Simon & Garfunkel.
– Richard & Emi Mori

– anonymous

The Beatles! ( and college too)
– M.T.

Probably anything Motown or R&B.
– Joanne Makishima

Glenn Miller Band
– Misao Tanouye

Elvis Presley!!
– anonymous

NHK sponsored programs with Misora Hibari
– anonymous

Probably it was The Beaches, Neil Diamond.
– K.N.

– R.S.

Elvis is my only favorite!
– E.F.

– anonymous

Beach Boys
– Judy Nakano

– F.S

I remember the songs but can’t remember the singers:-(
– Richard Fujikawa

The 4 Freshmen
– A.S.

– S.M.

The Lettermen
– T.M.

Anything disco music
– H.H.

Ricky Nelson.
– anonymous

Don’t remember – not into music so much.
– A.I.

Marvin Gaye, Johnny Mathis, don’t remember, yikes!
– anonymous

The Supremes
– Toshiko Uyehara

Glenn Miller
– anonymous

– Russ Nakano

The Righteous Brothers
– anonymous